Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A bunting for "A" good teacher!!!

I had on my desk a "bunch" of colourful flowers and they have been there for a couple of weeks...what to do with them all???

Yesterday afternoon I decided to collect a couple of meters from my jute ribbon and I passed it trough the crochet flowers....

....then I added some "smile" buttons in the middle of each flower (sewing them on was the best way to stop the ribbon from sliding from one side to the other!)...

...et voila' a bunting for Miss Collins (Tobia's teacher), just to say "Thank You!"....It's a happy thing, isn't it?

Some details...

You know, a nice place where to put it is even on the top of a sofa...

Anyway... This morning I went to school (I was in charge to take some pics of Y4 olympic events, organized by the chidren!) with the little parcel and Tobia gave it to Miss Collins...She was so touched by the gift and she showed it to all the kids in the class, while I was blushing a little (...and I forgot to take some pictures of the moving moment....!)....Miss Collins said that the bunting will hang over the head of her bed!!!
Happy Days!!!

See you soon, xxxx

P.S.: even this week I've linked this post to Creative Friday at http://naturalsuburbia.blogspot.com/


  1. Aw, how gorgeous! Lucky teacher :)

    Love your crochet flowers, Alessandra - must get back into doing some crochet soon! The smiley buttons add a great touch - pure genius, hehe :D

  2. Lovely, they would bring a smile to any classroom.


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