Saturday, 16 June 2012

A colourful necklace!!!

This morning I picked up 3 crochet sunbursts from a group of 12...

...this is the selected trio..., red and hot pink! I chose even a bright and colourful fabric to match those colours...

After that, I collected all I needed to craft a bold necklace...

...and so I was ready to start!!!

I traced a circle (with the help of the big blue bowl) on the back of the fabric. I repeated this process other two times.

Then, I traced a smaller circle inside the big one, with the help of a little bowl.

This smaller circle has the same dimensions of the sunburst :

I cut out the big circles from the fabric..

I turned the fabric and I started to cut tiny triangles, so that you can easily fold the fabric and avoid its fraying...

with the help of a micro iron, I forced the fabric to stay folded and to keep a circular shape

I took out some boxes full of beads...

...and selected the right needle and some matching threads...

...and using the blanket stitch I added the beads to the first sunburst...

I did the same with the other two discs...

Then, I joined the sunbursts simply using some red&white gingham ribbons...

...and to complete the necklace, I used a red chain, knotted with other ribbons to the discs!!!

I think you will not be unnoticed with a necklace like this one...!!!! Love it!!!

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See you soon, xxx


  1. i love you pretty and colorful crochet artwork!!!

    happy weekend!

  2. I love this, such pretty colours :o) xx

  3. such bright and cheerful necklace! I love the beadwork perimeter. gorgeous!

  4. Ale, you are so crazy!!

    This look so great and pretty - a very good idea!

    The necklace on the dress form looks nearly like a bikini!! Perhaps a new idea for you?! ;-)

    Love, Miriam


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