Sunday, 17 June 2012

Something naive...!!!

I started collecting 2 "foam" rolls (the ones you use to protect drawers' surface from scratches ), a canvas (100% cotton, 40x50cm), a pair of scissors...

....and with the help of a staple gun...

 the front  will be like this

Then, add some crocheted grannies rectangles, some knitted circles, some buttons, some white crocheted clouds and one sunburst...

...and this is only the beginning!!!
After weaving in the tails, the "painting/collage" will be more neat...

Zooming a little bit...

I've even used some pins to fix the pieces in the right place...

So, I started to sew the different elements on the covered canvas. Mostly, I've used some straight stitches for the faces and the clouds, while I preferred the backstitch for the bodies.
Starting the sewing..

...using beautiful cotton threads from Egypt...

And little by little...

To cover the back of my work, I simply cut a piece of felt, that I didn't glued : infact, the sides of the felt are just inserted under the frame!


Now, I have to find the perfect place for this little piece of "art"!!!

...or here?


Sara, from , is waiting for me (and with me other crafters!!!) to link my today's project at Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday ! ...Are you coming, too? ;-D

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Aw, super cute!! I love all the fabulous colours Alessandra :)

  2. Mi piace un sacco il tuo quadretto, sempre allegro e colorato come tutte le cose che ti stanno intorno e che catturi con la macchina fotografica.
    A presto

  3. So truly unique and so much fun! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, I'm so happy you've become a regular!


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