Friday, 8 June 2012

Kitchen bunting "Buon Appetito" !!!

It was, more or less, one year ago, when I found at Crochet with Raymond a very simple pattern for a knitted bunting. Alice, who is the blog hostess, wrote the "Garter stitch Bunting pattern" very well so that anyone (starting from knitting beginners) can easily follow it!! Thank you Alice!!
So, this is what I did...!!!

Some of you have seen these knitted flags before in this post (here)...even the purple/orange knitted hearts....but in the past days something has changed (!!!)... and now the triangles have colourful blanket stitched borders....

"Buon Appetito" (that means "bon appetit" "enjoy") is done, and even the two triangles with the hearts....!!

And this morning I cut a piece of hessian (or jute????) ribbon, 3m long (my kitchen window is 2,70m wide), I put it on my studio floor, where I starteted to pin the flags on.....

...and then the sewing...

When finished, I collected an hammer, few nails, a small ladder and my bunting!!! Giggling and hopping I went to the step......Yippie!!!!

Happy Days!!!....and a happy kitchen, too!!! ;0D

Even today I share this post on Creative Friday (here) at . You are really welcome to pay a visit to all the other creative ideas for the day! Thank you!!!

See you soon, xxxx


  1. how lovely they are to brighten your kitchen

  2. I just came across your lovely blog. These flags are so beautiful and colorful. I am looking forward to your future postings. Have a great weekend!...Heidi


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