Sunday, 4 March 2012

Some knitted gifts...

In two days it will be Varinia's B-day, so I was busy with my needles (clic, clic, clic, ....) and I was thinking about the cold my sister suffers every morning when she grabs her bike to go to work, so...

....details, colourful ones, of a big cowl, that I've modeled for you.....(eh!eh!eh!)....!!!

I have even decided to add something else, like a pair of huge and soft pair of fingerless gloves...

I like the fact that the set (cowl and gloves) has both a matching and mismatching touch...Don't you?

...anyway, Varinia will find other little things in her B-parcel, as indonesian tea bags, indonesian sugar sticks, a piece of red velvet fabric with white polka dots and a packet of local crystal balls to blow...

Now I have to leave you to wrap all these gifts....The parcel has to be sent by tomorrow morning....!!!

My Ravelry notes can be found HERE and HERE !!!

See you soon, xxx


  1. Gorgeous, she is very lucky... I love both the cowl and the mis-matched gloves!

  2. you are a very thoughtful girl Alessandra. I know Varinia will be grateful for her sweet cowl and gloves on those morning bike rides. The circle details on the cowl are so whimsical!


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