Sunday, 25 March 2012

What a weekend!!!!

Yesterday, a very good friend of mine, came to Jakarta !!!! It has been two years since last time we met in Cairo (Egypt), where we both used to live before going to Indonesia (where we are) or to Kuala Lampur (Malaysia, where Ruz and her family are)!!!

We used to be class mums together and it was such fun with a lovely and lively person such Ruz....Honestly I miss her so much and it was so good to see her : it cheered me up a lot, indeed!!
The funny and curious thing about us is that we could be twins!!! In reality, I have a twin sister and her name is Sabrina and actually she lives and works in New York as a vet ! All three of us are born the same day of the same year at the same time (more or less!!!), but from different mums (me and Ruz, not me and Sabrina!) and in different countries (England for Ruz and Italy for me and Sabry!)....Since we met, we consider ourselves as a triplette!!!

In the late afternoon, we had some family moments in our swimming pool.....well, I was not in, just around to take some pictures....

....and today, instead.....Some knitting!!!!
Last Friday (here), I came back home with this book "Vintage Knit Knacks" (20 Cool, Creative Knitting Projects) by Sue Culligan (in the book you can't find any information about her, but luckily I found out her blog : !!!) and this book is simply amazing!
First of all the projects : I like 12 out of 20!! Not bad for just one book! And the pictures are gorgeous!!
Anyway, right back home, I decided that I have to knit something....I collected all I needed for "my" project (2 pairs of knitting needles, a  pair of scissors, a tapestry needle and some lovely yarn...and the book!). I chose project 19 (Fingerless Mittens), and, while reading the introduction, I discovered that "(...)The projects are listed in order of skill level, starting with the most basic and progressing through to the more challenging patterns.(...)". Well, well.....In the book there are 20 projects, the one I picked up is #19....the last but one...not for a beginner, maybe intermediate or experienced??? Well, I DID IT!!!!
Just look at the pics....I've just completed the right mitten and before starting the pattern I went on internet to look at some videos on You Tube and I DID IT!!! So glad and so proud of my actual knitting skills!!!

For the edging, I preferred to knit moss stitch than to use the suggested one, that is garther stitch. Next pair of mittens ( I know, I still have to knit the left one of this pair!), I would like to simplify the thumb gusset knitting....we'll see!! What a good challenge!!! What a good weekend!!!

P.S. : the yarn used is from Sirdar, Country Style, wool blend dk (40% nylon, 30% wool, 30% acrylic), Quality 021, SH 0527 LOT 126376  I used two threads together!

See you soon, xxx


  1. You should be very proud of your knitting skills, they are beautiful, bet you can't wait to wear them!

    Fleur xx

  2. Thank you for your kind comment! I would like to wear them, but leaving in Indonesia....I think I'll bring them with me next time we go back to Italy in winter time!!! ;-))
    xx Alessandra


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