Monday, 29 February 2016

17 ... !!!

Yesterday our big boy Matteo was celebrating his birthday .... 17 .... !!!!

Leaving aside all the emotions and memories of your (once!) little boy, I was concerned for the right gift to give Matteo on his big day .... not easy, as in Maputo we cannot find what he really likes (have you ever heard of Gunpla ????), so I had to think hard for a simple, but effective idea, until we go back to Italy in June and send a order through Amazon..... ;oD

Luckily, I remembered that Matteo loves foxes and he would love to have one as a pet .... Why not to crochet one for his B-Day???

On Pinterest I found what I needed ....

First , a fox gift card holder ! Free pattern found HERE !!!

.... I liked it most with a pair of green eyes !!!!
My husband put inside a couple of vouchers with the pictures of the Gunplas asked from Matteo as gifts for his birthday!

Second, a fox jar cosy !!!  Free pattern found HERE !!!
Matteo loves to draw and he is always around with his sketch book and pencils, so I thought a jar to put all his stuff was mandatory!!!
A difference with the original pattern : I didn't like the felt eyes, so I preferred to crochet a fox applique on the jar !! Free pattern found HERE !!!

The fox (a brooch) on the right, instead, is fruit of my imagination, but I never wrote a pattern for it!!!

Third and last : a fox basket, to put in all the gifts and our cards !!! Free pattern HERE !!!

The good thing is that Matteo appreciated all our efforts : PHEW!!!

.... and in the evening he blew candles on his favourite cake (with apples and no yeast, so that's why is so flat!) .....

.... Buon Compleanno Matteo !!!!
xxxx mamma


  1. Tu sei una grande madre, Ale! cosa volpi così bella!
    Spero che avete trascorso una bella giornata!
    Buon Compleanno Matteo !!!!

  2. What lovely thoughtful gifts ... Happy Birthday to your grown up boy! M xx

  3. Congratulations. All the foxes are great.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  4. Wow, congrats to your big son! 17 years... that's a lot of memories :) So fine that he liked your gifts (and no I have never heard of Gunpla) :)

  5. Congratulations Matteo!
    Love your foxes, and the cake looks tasty!
    Take care,

  6. Aw, fantastic gifts Alessandra! Happy Birthday to Matteo - I'm sure he really appreciated all your hard work - the cake sounds and looks yummy! Alison x

  7. Belated Happy Birthday & all the best for Matteo! Your foxes are really sweet, Ale, so thoughtful gifts. Too bad that you couldn't get the desired figures, but you found a great solution to fix that problem :-). Have a happy day! Nata xxx

  8. Happy birthday to Matteo! Looks like you had a lovely celebration! All of your fox projects are great! I especially like the basket!
    Kate :}


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