Saturday, 13 December 2014

This week ….

…. has been busy!!!!

Let it go about the discussions (by telephone and in person) had with the vet ….. Long story, I only hope my cat gets better in few days ….

On Wednesday, my "little" Tobia had  (with all the grade 6 Design Technology class!) the "Cultural Snack" presentation from 8am to 10:30am and the parents were all invited to participate ….
It was funny how to see the minimal presentation set by the boys, while the girls were more aware of the importance of a good eye-catching table …..
Tobia prepared for the occasion spaghetti with tuna …. it's not a proper snack, but my boy insisted :"It's so good mamma!"….

Then, I started a new crochet project, something for myself, following a pattern by Nicki Trench on a book that I own and that Alison made me remember of !!!! Thank you Ali !!!
This is what my hook is crocheting…..

I've just added a new colour yesterday ….

The pattern is "Chunky Seashell Scarf" from the book "Cute & Easy Crochet".
I'm using a 6,5 mm hook and my foundation chain is made of 38 stitches, so that I'm having 6 shells (instead of just 3) for each row.
A part from the fact this is not a monochromatic scarf, I think I will add something at the ends of it ….

As you all know, Christmas is approaching, so we decorated our new home for the occasion…

…. and someone is attempting a christmas mood in the Grinch style ….

Our festive mood was reinvigorated last night, while celebrating Saint Lucy …

…. the boys found a pair of wrist warmers, a couple of decorations for the tree and an airplane ticket to reach London just after Christmas …. imagine the excitement!!!!
…. Obviously, "Saint Lucy" is going to London, too …. !!!! ;oD

Before leaving, I have to send a big THANK YOU to Marijke, who selected me as one bloggers to deserve an appreciation for my blog : I'm always so overwhelmed when this happens !!! Thank you my dear Marijke with all my heart!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Hi Alessandra:) Love to see all the activities around your place. The boys with the pasta (and laptop:)) the school is organizing a lot for the kids and parents, I think. To see you christas decorations, love the hand car..... from what of where is this one? And your crochet, looks good and will be more good, haha. byebye from a dark Holland, byeeeee

    1. Ciao Francien! Yes, it's true : the school organises a lot of activities and they are good for bonding and socialising! My "Kaki Lima" comes from Indonesia and it is usually used in the streets to sell street food!
      Thank you, xxxxxx Ale

    2. Ok, so you took it with you from Indonesia, its a great object to have. And ohhh..... I forgot to mention your son with the beard......hahahahaha....... he looks not very happy but he is a sweetheart to pose for his mother, hihi. byeeee

    3. He asked me to take a picture of him! He thought he was so cool!!!! ;oD
      xxxx Ale

  2. Lovely pictures and lovely crochet work, hope you cat is fine! Maybe next week is a little more relaxed for you!

  3. Mi diverto sempre un sacco a sentirti raccontare della tua vita!E la sciarpa e in particolare i colori che hai scelto mi stra piacciono.Adoro l'accostamento rosso e fucsia!Ciao,Ale!

  4. I hope your kitty will be okay. I think I have that crochet book -- I have a couple of hers. Cute boys -- we just had international day at school but my son decided to stay home. He though they were stereotyping everyone by what they considered to be cultural dress, especially for North America. Your home looks lovely for the holidays. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Oooh poor cat, I hope he's feel beter soon:'(
    You have an lovely christmas tree, I love christmas❤️
    You're santaclaus ;-)) make an smile on my face, That knitting beard so pretty!
    Xxx Chantal

  6. Aha, firstly I love that first pic, your shoes are ACE! Secondly, I've made that scarf too only I never thought to change colours, it looks so much better colour blocked!! Thirdly, can't wait to see you over Christmas time when you come to England...wahoooooooo!!!!!! xxx

  7. Aw, what a lovely post Alessandra! Hope your kitty-cat is better soon though :( LOVE the crochet beard - excellent! So nice that we are working on the same crochet project - I've really enjoyed mine :)
    Nice to see the Christmas decorations in your new home - good job!
    Alison xxx

  8. Hope your cat feels better!! Great Christmas decorations!
    Kate :}

  9. You brought your rickshaw with you! it looks great. I love your shoes, great shot. Wow, your coming to England! Have a lovely time. X

  10. Wonderful festivities Alessandra..I hope you kitty cat is better. X

  11. What a great post!! I love newsy posts! I hope that you have a wonderful trip to London and that you get to do lots of very exciting things!! xx

  12. Leuke kerstversieringen! Een heel huis vol! :-) En een tof feestje voor de jongens op school! Ze stralen! De sjaal heeft een mooie steek en mooie kleurtjes!...
    En espadrilles met kerst? Ha daar kunnen wij alleen maar van dromen!
    Gezellige kerstdagen!

    1. thank you for liking my decorations and my espadrillas!!!! We are in Summer right now and 32 ˙C are common in these days!!!! ;oD
      xxxxxxx Ale

  13. enjoyed your post!loved the pics! happy crocheting!!!!

  14. I really must pick up my crochet hook next year, it has been sadly neglected this year. Enjoy London xx

  15. Your boys are so funny... :-)
    Beautiful crochet Ale, I love that book too, but sometimes you just 'forget' to take a peek in those pretty books because there is such an overload on the internet, isn't there?
    And so much fun to meet Emma, I am very curious now... Do you know each other?
    Love from Mirjam.

    1. Ciao Mirjam!!!!
      you are so right how it's easy to forget the beautiful crochet books we own, when you can find a lots of wonderful crochet patterns on internet/Pinterest!!!!! ;oD
      Emma is one of the first bloggers I met in Blogland when I started to blog, so imagine how excited I am to have the opportunity to meet her !!!!!
      hugs and love, xxxxxx Ale
      P.S. ….. I have to come to the Neatherlands, too, to meet some of my bloggy friends!!!!

    2. I think you should actually, you have many Dutch blog friends!!!!
      xxxxxx Mirjam.

    3. I know !!!!! How exciting is that? I'm thinking about it…… we'll see !!!!!!
      xxxxxxxxx Ale

  16. Ale, your boys look so sweet (even wearing a grinch santa hat!) :) Thank you so much for sharing that!

    And ps -- there is something so lovely and glamorous about that shoe/skirt photo (the first one). Just love it!!!!!!


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