Friday, 4 March 2016

Choco Bunny Placemats for Easter !!!

It all started with this little guy, made a couple of years go ...

He has similar friends, who populated my blog in various periods ( a fox and a matryoshka, just to name a couple), but today I'll talk about this choco bunny only!

After I made it, I had the idea to develop it differently, but it was put in a box, instead, and I forgot about its existence until ....
Two weeks I was cleaning my "studio" (that is the dining area, where I actually work everyday) and in a box I found that choco bunny : I didn't have any excuse to put it back in where I found it and then pretend I didn't see it, so ....

I kept it on my "working" table in front of me for some days and eventually I decided what to do with it!

First try was to crochet a big granny circle, just following this free pattern ...

My idea was really simple : from a coaster (first choco bunny) to a placemat (my new experiment) good for the table of Easter morning!
I liked to work with colours and different cottons (from catania fine, alize bahar, katia espiga,  katia new orleans,  windsurf by sesia, cable' 4 by silke .... just to name a few!) and with a 3,5mm hook.

Then I had a flash through my mind : 'What if I use some mandalas from Mandalas to crochet by Haafner"??? .... well, I did.... 3 times!!! ;oD

The first mandala was the "Granny Circle"...

.... when completed the mandala, I added 2 extra rounds in dark brown to resemble milk chocolate ...

Then, I added a bunny head and a bunny tail to my first granny I made ....

I did the same with Haafner's granny circle ...

The two bunnies together ...

Then was the moment to crochet the "Oriental Lily" ....

.... still without the pompom tail ...

.... and then in full "pompomness" ....

My last attempt was with the mandala "Dazzling Days" ...

... so the last choco bunny is ...

And here, all they are ...

A happy family of bunnies!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Very, very lovely all your bunnies!!
    Greetings from Marijke

  2. Lovely bunnie placemats. I cann't decide wich one I love the most. I think that children will the colorful granny bunny the most.

    Greetings, Margaret

  3. Oh I love thema alle what a Lovely bunnies.

  4. Haha, I don't have a sweet tooth, but your bunnies make me crave for chocolates. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing & have a lovely weekend.

  5. Aw, how cute are these Alessandra! I love them all :) Looking forward to Easter even more now!
    Alison x

  6. You did such a wonderful job, they are so colourful and sweet!
    You will definately have a great Raster with those cuties on the table! Xxx

    1. Thank you Mirjam!!!!
      have a lovely weekend, xxxx Ale

  7. Fabulous family of bunnies!!! I love your first ones best of all, especially their very cute multicolour tails!!! You are so creative!! xx

  8. Wow what a fun series of place mats, amazing! And so happy to see you on craft schooling Sunday!

  9. Such gorgeous crochet, I love the bunnies, I think I spotted them on IG too? Em xx


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