Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Here …. again !!!!!!

Hi my Dears!!!!
The moving is completed!!! I've opened all the boxes and all our stuff is in place : we have a cosy place to call home again!!!! HURRAY!!!!

In the meantime I crafted a little, as some gifts were requested …

I had the joy to open my beads boxes and create a couple of beaded bracelets …

The first one had to be done with neutral colours ...

… while the second one was just up to me, so I went for blues …

… then I crocheted two pairs of fingerless Minions mitts (free pattern found here) for a couple of twins brothers (7 years old!) who are going to celebrate their birthday this coming Sunday …

So, I had some fun in creating all these little gifts, all handmade with love!!!

I'll be here in my place very soon : no more "excuses" for delay after delay!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. The bracelets are beautiful!
    I like to try them immediately!

  2. nice to see you! lovely braclets, I wonder if they are crochet? and the minions are funny! happy new home. X

  3. Good to have you back Ale! Lovely gifts you made!

  4. Hello, good for you all, finally a good place to call home:) I am crazy of bracelets, my arm is full of them, I love them all, and the turquoise one.... beautifull! byebye

    1. thank you Francien!!!
      I found the tuts for the bracelets via Pinterest (where else?)! You have to look for beaded wrap bracelets and you will find a variety of versions!!! Have fun, xxxxx Ale

  5. Hello there! It's good to have you back here! I can imagine you must be happy you've got all your belongings with you again. Cute bracelets BTW!
    Have a good week! xh

    1. Hi Haafner!!!! So nice to have you here, too!!!! ;oD
      Thank you, xxxxxx Ale

  6. Hahahahaha!! loooooooove the minionions mitts!!!!
    hope you have a nice day, Ale!

  7. The bracelets are so very pretty. And cute minion mitts. :) Glad you are finally settled.

  8. Happy for you now your family has a new home. I love your bracelets and your minions are adorable.

  9. Lovely gifts, especially the bracelets, did you follow a pattern? xx

  10. You have moved house so many times; you must be so glad to settle down again :-)!
    So good to see you back, and again with soms lovely makings! Love from Mirjam.

    1. Yeah, I know!!!! Crazy, crazy life!!!! We needed to be home again and now we are : yay!!!
      thank you to be still here, xxxxx Ale

  11. So lovely to see you back Alessandra! I love your new creations - all of them! Great that you are all settled into your new home :) :)
    Alison xx

  12. Lovely gifts Ale, and so glad you're all settled in again!
    Kate :}

  13. Whoop Whoop you're settled!
    what a beautifull bracelets you have made. And what a lovely minions gift, :-))
    X Chantal

  14. I love the bracelets - they are beautiful. The Minions mitts are adorable. :)

  15. Enjoy settling in AGAIN! Hope it's all done for now.

  16. What a nice bracelets, it looks so simple but the result is very nice! And i tink that the minion-mittens will be supergifts for toe boys!!

  17. What a nice bracelets, it looks so simple but the result is very nice! And i tink that the minion-mittens will be supergifts for toe boys!!

  18. Wonderful!! ♥ The bracelets are gorgeous and the minion mitts so sweet, great job, Ale :-). Good to hear that your move is done, it's always so stressing, isn't it! Have a nice weekend and enjoy your new home :-)

  19. Ciao,Ale!Io mi sono persa qualcosa sicuramente perché quest'estate ho fatto vacanza anche dal Blog.Dove sei ora?Hai fatto un altro trasloco???I braccialetti sono belli,ma i guanti sono stupendi!Baci e ben trovata!Nicky


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