Saturday, 19 September 2015

Edinburgh, 18 July 2015 ...

…. why this date???
Simply because I have pics of our week in Edinburgh from our first day only ….
The photos that will follow on this post were taken with my DSLR camera, while the remanent ones were taken with my smartphone, that was stolen (or lost? Still a big mystery!) a couple of weeks ago … I didn't downloaded the pictures from my smart device  …. so a part of my sweet memories went lost, forever…. SIGH …

… luckily a big smile was back on my face when I looked at was left about our great week in Edinburgh…. better than nothing, right? ;oD

Every morning, after having a nice breakfast at Loudon's Cafe, we used to walk to our daily destination...

… In our case, it was The National Museum of Scotland …

After the visit at the museum, we ventured again along the streets in downtown…

… and back to our apartment, in front of the living room windows, we could look at some baby seagulls waiting for both mummy and daddy : feeding time !!!
They were really noisy , but so funny to watch …

Happy Weekend !!!!
xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Wow! Impressive photos!! Edinburgh is a great city to visit ...steeped in history full of things going on. I can see you had a wonderful time!
    love this virtual tour!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. What a beautiful pictures. And how nice to see Edinburgh I'm going the second weekend in October.

    1. have a nice trip to Edinburgh!!! It's such a beautiful place… Remember to cover yourself very well : in July was cold and windy, imagine in October!!!! ;oD
      xxxxx Ale

  3. Thanks for this tour through Edinburgh, great to see your pictures, also from the museum. We have been there also, years !!! ago:) great weekend to you too, byebye

  4. It looks a great place, so full of life and some lovely exhibits in the museum. x

  5. Looks like such a fun trip!
    Kate :}

  6. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. I am looking forward to visiting Edinburgh again one day and seeing the museum. We did not visit the museum last time but went to see the castle and the views over the city were spectacular. Xxxx

  7. Sorry to hear about the loss of your smartphone, what a bother! Fortunately you still had these great pics from Edinburgh, fantastic! ♥ Thanks for sharing & happy weekend! Nata xxx

  8. Oh, what beautiful, gritty city. I remember a not-so-nice youth hostel, cheap lemonade and M&S sandwiches in the park below the Rock, and tartan scarves I still wear 18 years on 😄

  9. sorry you lost your phone, glad you enjoyed Edinburgh! X

  10. Looks like a great place to visit. Lots to see and do. So sorry to hear about your phone.

  11. I love to go there one day!!
    That museum looks amazing too.
    So nice to see those pictures!
    Love from Mirjam.

    1. You should go and I know you will love it!!!
      happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  12. What a shame about your phone. Hopefully it was just lost and can be returned at some point. Edinburgh is on my list of places to visit one day and you have just made it go up a couple of notches! Have a lovely weekend xx

  13. Aw - lovely pics Alessandra! Edinburgh is such a beautiful city - hope you had fun :) :)
    Alison x

  14. So sorry about your phone and photos. Not nice and no fun. Hope you are sorted out again soon. These pictures are wonderful though so at least you have these. You will have to have a return visit to Edinburgh to relive the whole experience on film again! xx

  15. hi ale! it's been a long time! i'm so glad to see you are well and the family too. you were in scotland! i love edinburgh, i was lucky to have visted last year. and we will be in scotland again in 4 weeks! can't wait! take good care. xoxo lori

  16. Wonderful photographs of your trip, Ale!...Edinburgh is a beautiful city...thank you for sharing some lovely memories... x
    Wishing you a happy new week!
    Susan x

  17. Beautiful photos of a beautiful city! Edinburgh is wonderful - did you find the yarn store? It was run by a nice Canadian lady - can't remember what it was called, but it was there a few years ago :)

  18. ♥hello my dear friend! Thank you for this beautiful post! What a wonderful trip!

  19. I'm so sorry about your phone :( but I love the photos that you still have and shared! What a great trip. I want to go there!!! :) :)


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