Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cut Out & Keep : the Granny Brooch !!!

…. sniff ! sniff ! sniff….. My last day as a Knit & Crochet Superstar !!!!!

I loved it, immensely!!!!
I worked on my tutorials between November and December (before Christmas time) and it involved a lot of work, some upsetting moments (as internet here as a lot of hic-ups …..), but even a lot of fun and enthusiasm to be part of this brilliant moment in my crafty life!!!!! It was so hard to wait until the 2nd of February to see the fruit of my work shared on Cut Out & Keep ….. I thank you Cath for all the patience you had with me, in answering all my initial questions!!!!

But today it is the end of all of that and I have to show you my last little project ….

…. I simply love her, the Granny Brooch !!!!!

… just a happy end with a big smile and no tears !!!!!

Thank you to you all for you support in this adventure : it means a lot to me !!!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Hi Ale, this is a good start for the sunday for me:)))) Love the granny, so colorful. It makes me smile, thanks. byebye Francien

    1. have a happy "granny" sunday Francien!!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale

  2. hihi, I❤️ Granny's hair! Happy Sunday Ale ;-)) Chantal

  3. Lovely old lady. Cute brooch.

    Love, Margaret

  4. haha, really funny idea!!
    xxxo, martina♥

  5. This really bought a smile to my face! Love it xx

  6. ♥ooo super lovely! Happy Sunday my friend! xxx Riitta

  7. Belle, simpatiche e originali!

  8. Oh I love that! that's so good! you have to give them names...Betty and Ethel? X

  9. You will always be a crochet and knit superstar to me!!! xx

  10. You can definitely see all the work and love you put into these projects, and it must be so satisfying to see them appreciated after all that time! Great job and congrats!!
    Kate :}

  11. Awesome brooches with beautiful colors.Happy to see this site.
    Zarah from Ecbilla


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