Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cut Out & Keep : 5 Petals Knitted Flower !!!!

…. and today my second project of the week ….

…. my 5 Petals Knitted Flower ….. !!!!!!

It's an old favourite of mine and I still love it !!!!!

I started to knit as a young kid….. you can read more about it HERE !!!!

Have fun knitting and reading, too !!!!

xxxx Alessandra

… If you missed my first project, no worries : Stripy Wrist Warmers …. just click on it!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra …. see you tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Quando entrai tuo blog hai sempre molte cose Ale !!!! sei un lavoratore instancabile! e lavora sempre con una tale varietà di cose! davvero, sei un artista e l'artigianato crochet! Un grande abbraccio da Catalogna!

  2. Cute! Nice colors!!
    Kate :}

  3. Lovely!! I am looking forward to the other three!! xx

  4. My goodness Ale, you are unstopable!!
    Your head is so full of wonderful ideas, so sweet to share it with us...
    Love from Mirjam.

    1. …. sharing is caring !!!!! ;oD
      You are the sweet one!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale


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