Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cut Out & Keep : Knitted Bowl Tutorial !!!

So today, as my 4th project to share, you'll find a knitted one …

…. oh yes !!!! Have you ever tried to knit some bowls ??? You can find the photo tutorial + pattern right HERE, over at Cut Out & Keep Superstars !!!!!!

As you can see from the above picture, my 5 Petals Knitted Flower is a lovely embellishment for the centre of the bowl !!! ;oD

What will be next ?????
Still 3 projects to go …… !!!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Zo vrolijk al die kleurtjes bij elkaar! Dankjewel voor de link... ik heb het meteen gepind!

  2. Great!!!!! Let me know if you are going to knit one!!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  3. sooo nice!!! ;) It's my first time on your blog... complimenti!!!

  4. Dear Ale, love them but I can't knit. So I just look at your pictures. Love from Tinie

  5. OMG - you´re also a knitter now... how cool is that?!
    The bowls look really fresh on my eyes, love them♥
    xxo, Martina

  6. Love the colors, as usual!
    Kate :}

  7. Ohhh these ones look really cosey Ale!

  8. I keep seeing knitted and crocheted bowls and baskets! I am making two right now, but not in such nice colours as yours! xx

  9. Too cute! I have never tried making a knitted bowl - very tempted to give it a try now!

    1. Thank you Zelna!!!!
      …. maybe during the weekend you'll have some spare time to enjoy with some knitting….!!!!
      Enjoy the weekend, xxxxx Ale

  10. Alessandra love the bowls so colourful.

  11. La maglia ed io non ci incontriamo.Mi diverte molto di più il crochet,ma i tuoi progetti sono belli e soprattutto facili e abbordabili...Dovesse venirmi la voglia! (Tempo da lupi,vento fortissimo e tanta pioggia.Neve ovunque ,ma non qui!;-) )

  12. I am a poor knitter, but I often like the knitting structure, like in these bowls.
    It is a small project, so I might try one once.


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