Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Some knitting and some crochet !!!

Even if you are not hearing from me very often (internet service is quite a nightmare here!), this doesn't mean I stay with my hands on my belly all day long !!!!

I craft every day !!!!! Some days like a crazy, some days more quietly !!!!!

In the last two weeks I started a couple of projects with my straight knitting needles …..

I'm following a pattern from one of Fiona Goble's knitting books SCARVES and COWLS 36 quick and stylish knits : it's on page 14, the Long striped scarf and I love it !!!

I'm using different yarns ( Sirdar Sublime cashmere merino silk dk ….. discontinued !!!! sorry!) that I bought when still in Indonesia, while the pattern requires other yarns, but still from Sirdar !!! ;oD
Another different thing from the original pattern is the size of my needles : I'm working with a 3,5 mm pair, while the pattern suggests 4mm needles!

My scarf will be thinner and shorter than the original, but I'm already in love with it …

… when working with the garter stitch I always prefer the wrong side of my work, mostly when stripes are involved !!!! I like to look at the rows where I change the colours …

My "little" sister Varinia asked me to knit her socks …. scary, really scary !!!! I've never tried to use circular needles or dpns … so : what to do ?????
Well, I started to browse on Pinterest (where else ???) and I found an easy sock pattern to knit with a pair of straight needles, just to have an idea …..

I did it !!!!! At least one !!!! ;oD
The pattern I followed is HERE !!!!
I admit that I need to refresh my seam technique (!!!!), but I enjoyed this easy pattern that gave me the idea of the parts of a sock and I'm really less scared after this try!
One thing I'm sure right now : I need to understand and practise with DPNS, because they allow you to knit better socks!!!! We'll see !!!!

In the meantime, two Birtdays have been celebrated here in Maputo, so I knitted (again!!!!) two softies,
one for a little girl (3 years old!) …

I call her "piccolotta" (a sweet way to say little in Italian!) and I love it as it's a very quick knit, so simple and satisfying, as you can add small touches to make it great !!! See the bow on her head? And the buttons?? You know what I mean, right???? ;oD

The other softie, was bigger because for a bigger girl (15 years old !!!!) ….

…. ah, the little heart, embroidered using the duplicate stitch method ….

I did some crochet, too !!!!
I'm preparing a couple of photo tutorials and I hope Internet will allow me a serene photo editing in the meantime to show you very soon my new projects!!!
The Big Girl (who received the big softies) kindly asked me to crochet her some little baskets (do you remember THESE????) as party favours : she needs them to put some little cacti in! Nice idea, right?

These baskets are a little bit bigger than the original ones, as I added a couple of stitches in the first round (so they are larger) and two more rows of DCs (so they are higher, too!) !!!

See you soon ( I hope!), xxxx Alessandra


  1. Helloooooo..... great to see you handling also the knitting needles :) Your scarf is going to be lovely, often I also love the "wrong" side, haha. And your softies............. so cute!! byebye

  2. thank you Francien!!!! I just paid a visit to Pinterest, where I saw you pinned one of my softies!!! ;oD
    You are great!!!
    xxxxx ale

  3. Haha, I also prefer the wrong side of knitted stripes! :-) Finally someone who thinks of this the same way!
    The scarf is going to be just perfect, and your softies are too cute!!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

    1. Thank you Sigrid!!!! :oD
      Stripes on wrong side = just perfect!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale

  4. I've never tried socks too, although I would love to make some in the future. Yours look great! And I mustn't forget the scarf - it's lovely!

  5. Those baskets will be cute with cacti in them! And that embroidered heart is a great touch!
    Kate :}

  6. Quanti progetti, Ale!!! sei molto laboriosa!
    Amate la nuova sciarpa!
    buona giornata e baci dalla Catalogna!

  7. You've been so busy Alessandra! Even socks - how fab are they :) :) Love the softies and the crochet baskets - your knitting is coming on brilliantly! Must blog soon - byeeee! Alison x

  8. Those little baskets and your little fellows are so cute!!! The socks are fabulous!!! If (when you can get online!) you look at Winwick Mum's blog she has some sock tutorials, earlier in the year she did a sock along and taught loads of people to knit socks, so that might be worth a look. Not that I know because I cannot knit, but I do know that a lot of people took part and loved it! Happy knitting!!! xx

  9. Wow not even crocheting but also knitting. You are doing a great job. Hope to see you soon.

  10. Wow you have been busy making so many colourful lovely things!

  11. Great knitting progress! That scarf will be nice and cozy when it's done!

    1. .... I really hope so !!!!! ;oD
      happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  12. Everything is so great and adorable! I imagine you can do anything you set your mind to. :)


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