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Make it ! Variations of a crochet pattern!!!!

I found this crochet pattern and I did this....

I just followed the written instructions and the related chart. Easy.
I've crocheted this triangle using a 3,5mm hook and a 8 ply acrylic yarn and I've chained 30 stitches to start my work.
It's all worked with 3 DCs (aka : double crochet stitch) shells (please note/remember that I follow the US crochet terms!)

Then, I added this one...

....and this one, too, .....

Are you curious to know how I did all those squares???

I'm going to tell you right now!!!!!

a) the 2 colours square :

I made another triangle using the hot pink yarn.
I chose another colour and from the large base of my triangle I started to crochet with it. I crocheted in the top of each previous DCs, so that I had 7 shells in the new colour : I've just duplicated my first row of 7 shells!!! Then I continued to crochet following the original pattern!
You obtain a nice square!!!

b) the diamond square :

This time was even easier!!!!
In fact, just after completing a new triangle in yellow, I turned it upside down and using the same colour, I started to crochet a shell of DCs in the first space (located between the first and the second shells) and I went on in this way! Look at the row included between the blue arrows : you see 6 shells this time! This is not a duplicated row!!! Follow the original pattern until the end of your last row!

Honestly, nothing difficult ( I like this), but I was not really satisfied with the results....
So, I thought to try a little change in the given pattern...

Wanna have a look ?
Here we go....

...some more...


Using the same yarn and the same hook size (3,5mm), I decided to try to use trebles (Tr), instead of DCs !!!

I prefer this way for simple reasons :
the pattern has wider holes beetween the shells and the triangles are bigger !!! I like it!!!!

c) the 2 colours square made with Trs :

This time I chained 31 stitches (so you chain a multiple of 4+3, because of the trebles!) and make your first Tr in the 5th chain from the hook!
I followed the Granny Triangle Pattern (thank you Brittany!!!) as before!
I did my first triangle : on the left!
Then I crocheted another one (blue), to which I added the green one. The procedure is the same as in a), with the difference that you have to substitute the DCs with Trs : remember that!!! ;oD
This time, I see a rhombus rather than a square !!!

d) the diamond square with Trs :

As in c), I made a chain of 31 stitches.
When I completed my orange triangle, I turned it upside down and, picking the same colour, I crocheted my first row (between the green arrows) of 6 Trs ! Even this time, I followed the original pattern, just remembering to change each DC with a Tr !!! ;oD

e) the colourful triangle

chain 31 stitches, make your first Tr in the 5th (not in he 4th, as for the DC!) chain from the hook, and follow the original pattern. Change DCs with Trs !!!
You have to change colour at the beginning of each row, starting to join in the first space between the first shell and the second one! In this specific case, you work always in the front of your work and you don't need to use slip stitches!
After the last shell in the 7th row, you can bind off!

For each square, after binding off, remember to trim and weave in the ends!!! ;oD
If you want a nicer effect, block your squares with iron steam (I didn't!)
N.B. : each time you start the first row of shells, the first shell is made of 4 stitches, not 3!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Following these examples, you can crochet a BANDANA !!!! Try and tell me !!!! ;oD

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  1. Gorgeous, Ale!!!! you are a hard worker!!!!! Congratulations!

  2. They turned out great! Thanks for the tutorial

  3. You could make an amazing blanket using these triangles Ale, they all link together lovely, it would look brill xx

  4. Neat! Are you planning something for them?
    Kate :}

  5. Beautiful! I love all the colours as well as the design!
    Helen x

  6. Lovely colors!! My favorites are the yellow and the rainbow one :-)

  7. What good fun! Thanks for sharing x Penny

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely triangle with us all its

  9. love all these triangles, could one attach them to make a blanket? thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  10. Wow these are so beautiful, is there a pattern or a book that you used to create them?

    1. At the beginning of this post there is the link to the chart and pattern!
      Xxxx Ale

  11. Love how colorful the project looks

  12. Nice variations! I love the colorful triangle you made! <3
    I posted a photo tutorial on my blog about these triangles a few months ago, if anyone needs some extra help doing them ;)
    Hugs from Madrid

  13. Love this entire post! I am going to check the blog you got the pattern from because of I am enjoying your blog I'm sure to enjoy a blog that you follow, and found a great pattern on. Never too many resources for knowledge and simple joy! I am curious to know if you are using UK or US stitch terminology?

    1. Thank you for your visit Machelle!!!!
      I use US crochet terminology!!
      xxxxx Ale

  14. I've been trying to figure out how to put the triangles together and I can't seam to get it right I don't which side to put it together to make a big- colour pattern I don't know what I m doing wrong??( help!!)

  15. @ anonymous (5/09/2016)
    sorry, but I don't understand what is your problem...
    do you want to make some diamonds/squares?
    Well, when a triangle is done, just start to crochet on the flat side of it, with the new colour (keeping the front of the triangle in front of you).
    believe me, is not that difficult and it needs just some practice!
    xxxx Ale


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