Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What I made from my T-shirt yarn leftovers ....

At the end of THIS POST I wrote that I had some leftovers from my t-shirt yarn and some royal blue to try .... I did!!!!

I started with the royal blue ... some trivets....

For the granny circle, I just followed a free pattern from Kotbury, HERE !!!
Both the granny square and the granny triangle, instead, I remembered the patterns by heart (I think I made so many of these in the last years!!!) and I worked only 3 rounds for each.
The borders, in all 3 samples, are made of single crochet stitches (US crochet terminology) and the picots are made with 5 chains each!

Then I made two necklaces !
The first one was even shown in my Instagram account ...

I crocheted a long chain with the blue and the red together, then I made some tassels out of some cotton threads from Bali and I knotted them around the foundation chain and .... voila' !!!!

The second necklace had less t-shirt yarn available, so the design had to be slightly different, even though even here some chains were worked ...

With some colourful rayon thread, I embellished this necklace with some slips stitches (pink) and some little arches made with chains!!!

What do you think???

xxxx Alessandra


  1. You are so productive Ale! I keep tees to make yarn and they just lie there waiting for their turn - which sometimes I feel will never come. All your projects are fantastic!

  2. You are always so creative. I think everything is great. Especially love those necklaces.

  3. You are such a busy creative crocheter!! I like the trivets, the picots on the edges appeal to me!

  4. Super...also love everything you make, very nice blog to read


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