Thursday, 11 February 2016

A scarf full of love (and mini hearts)!!!!

Two weeks ago (more or less) my nonna Miranda ( my grandma) went to the hospital because of ischemia .... Luckily, after a week there, she came back home with no consequences (she is allergic to a lot of drugs and sometimes she finds the one that really hurts her ....)....
I was in contact with my mum everyday just to check how nonna was (Maputo is not really close to Milano...) and to avoid panic or guilt feelings as I couldn't be there, I started to crochet a long scarf, full of hearts (and in the colours my nonna likes most), to express my love for her ....
I hope to find a colleague of my husband going to Italy now for work reasons, so I will give him the scarf for my nonna (office headquarters are in Milano, so ...) ....

The pattern is not mine : you can have a look HERE , where you'll find a photo tutorial and a precious graphic scheme. Thank you Charlotte !!!

I've been working with different hook sizes (4mm for fringes, 4,25mm for base and 3,75mm for the hearts) and, so, with different (slightly) yarn weights :
-SNUGGLY DK from SIRDAR (shade 0385, blue twist) as the main colour for the scarf (almost two balls). The foundation chain was of 400 chains, if I recall well....
-MERINO BLEND from KATIA (color 5, navy blue)
-ATOMO from SANDILANE (color 26, pearl grey)
-BALMY PLUSS from B.B.B. FILATI (color 287, green)
-OXFORD from KATIA, variegated yarn with flecks (color 206 and color 207) for the fringes

When the main body of the scarf was completed, I decided to finish the long edges with a row of slip stitches (same yarn used for the fringes), as you can see

For the fringes I've followed two different patterns (#127 and #131), taken from the book "Around the corner CROCHET BORDERS" by Edie Eckman, where you can find both written patterns and graphic schemes!

Then, blocking moment ...

the scarf is 230cm long ...

.... and once dried ....

and on my favourite model ....

Ti voglio bene nonna Miranda!!
xxxx Alessandra


  1. What a beautiful scarf Alessandra! I hope your nonna gets better soon - this will be sure to make her feel happy anyway :) Love the colours and the fringe too!

  2. Gorgeous scarf and made with love. Great gift for your grandma. Hopefully she is feeling well again. The distance between you and your family can be annoying at the moments that anyone is ill.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  3. That is a really pretty scarf. I like the edging very much.

  4. It is fantastic! I keep seeing this pattern in blankets and aghans - quite cute!

  5. Such a beautiful and sweet gift, love the fringes ! I am sure it will help to get your nonna better! xxx Annasoer

  6. Gorgeous! So sweet of you!
    Nonna will be moved by your gift.
    Glad to hear she's all better now.

    1. Thank you Sigrid!!! ;oD
      Have a great weekend, xxxx Ale

  7. Such a precious gift of love to your Nonna. I do hope that she will be all well again soon and that she will soon receive your scarf to feel your love around her! xx

  8. Such a beautiful scarf! You always had the perfect little extras to make your projects really special. I'm glad to hear your Nonna is okay now. Happy weekend!

  9. That looks like a 'lovely' scarf! :) I hope that the love you put in will come out in Italy. Best wishes for your nonna!


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