Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Doily-Along !!!

…. Last Thursday, KATE gave a Doily-Along Announcement ….

…. mmmm …. what to do ??? I was just stating to unpack all my boxes …. where is the yarn ? …. where are all my hooks ? …. and other thoughts like that …. especially this one : are you nuts ? ….
…. well, I've never been in a CAL before and Kate is a dear bloggy friend, so I decided to enter in !!!!

No 1,65 mm hook for me, no thread …. I prefer to use my 100% acrylic yarn 8 ply ( MODA Vera by Marvel) in bright colours …. with a 3,5mm hook …. even if the yarn calls for a 4mm hook …. how brave am I ??? ;oD

So this morning, just after reading the Doily-Along Part 1 posted by Kate, I started to crochet my first motif …

Honestly, I'm not a great fan of doilies ( even mandalas, but I crocheted one for Yarndale anyway !!!!), but I like new challenges and I'm always eager to learn something new in crochet …. and when the right colours combo is at your hands, why not ?

So, it was easy to complete the first 3 rounds ….

…. the 4th round ….

…. and the 5th round, that is the last round of the motif chosen by Kate ….

So, I confronted my work with the one made by Kate ….

…. and I have to admit that it was fun !!!!

Do you wanna join, too ??? ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Love the colors you choose, I suppose there are coming more rounds? I am curious :)) byebye.... unpacked allready?

  2. Ciao Francien !!!!
    the unpacking it's almost done, just to understand were to put all the little things …. boring part!!!
    There are no more rounds, but there will be more colourful motifs !!!! ;oD
    xxxxx Ale

  3. It looks beautiful, the coloors are so you. Love it. How is the unpacking? Have you everything out of the container and is your house now filled with boxes? ;-) Love from Holland, X Tinie

  4. Wow, Ale, it looks great!
    Well done!
    ingrid xx

  5. I love doilies! You've made a fantastic one - great choice of colors!

  6. You are such an active person, Ale!
    you're always ready to work! hahaha!
    It looks great!

    1. …. I need to crochet : a good anti stress !!!!! ;oD
      xxxxxxx Ale

  7. Happy to see you crocheting and creating, love the way you use colours, so festive! Hope you are fine and feeling home every day a little bit more!

    1. …. well, our home is coming out, little by little …. finally! I'm really tired, but more happy !!!!
      thank you for supporting me constantly with my work : this means a lot to me Andre'e !!!!
      xxxxxxxx Ale

  8. Lovely! I have more doillies than I'll ever need so don't think I want to make any more right now.

  9. Owh I love doily's ♡♡♡ X Chantal

  10. Thanks for sharing!! I love the colors you chose, and I love that it will certainly be an "Ale" doily!!
    See you saturday for Part 2!!
    Kate :}

  11. Certo che sei brava a trovare il tempo di crochettare!Io i centrini mi diverto a farli,ma poi non amo il loro uso convenzionale e quindi cerco sempre di inventarmi un modo per usarli...Un'altra cosa che mi diverto a fare è lavorarli come stai facendo tu con uncinetto e lana grossetti ,rispetto al modello originario...Mi piace un sacco vedere come vengono più grandi!Spero che gli scatoloni da disfare stiano diminuendo!Buon fine settimana!

  12. It's looking great !! Lovely colors :) I also wanted to join but then right now I am into so many things.

  13. So the colours!!
    Happy weekend, Ale.
    Helen xox

  14. Beautiful!! Sweet doily in wonderful colors ♥


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