Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Another architectural walking tour : colonial Maputo

Last Thursday morning, my husband took a day off from work so we booked a new walking tour with Maputo a pe ! This time the theme was : Colonial Maputo.
The morning was bright and with a gentle breeze from the ocean and we had a great guide, who was really well informed about all the buildings we looked at : such a pleasure to listen and to ask more questions!!!
There are a lot of pictures, because we had two cameras with us and not all the photos are strictly colonial themed …. !!!!
Wanna have a look? let's start, then!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Thanks for the tour! I imagine it must be a little difficult to get used to a new home again... I wish you happiness in your new country! xx

  2. Fun! Thanks for the architectural tour!
    Kate :}

  3. thanks for taking me on that interesting walk, ale!

    :) nic

  4. Thanks for a great tour Alessandra! I love all the old colonial buildings and the art deco ones too - fabulous :) :) Nice to see you too in the photos!
    Alison xx

  5. ♥Thanks for this fine post! xxx Riitta

  6. Love this, it is for you and me: From the moment you decide to move abroad, your life turns into a powerful mix of emotions – learning, improvising, dealing with the unexpected… All your senses sharpen up, and for a while the word “routine” is dismissed from your vocabulary to make space for an ever rising adrenalin thrill ride. New places, new habits, new challenges, new people. Starting anew should terrify you, but it’s unusually addictive.

    1. Oh Magda!!!! ;oD I read that article just before leaving JK and all the 17 points are so true!!!
      Yap, adrenaline and no go back : THIS is our real life!!!!
      xxxxxxx ale

  7. Oh my gosh that swimming pool!!!! I want to swim there right now! I love the look of your new home, how is it going? Are you settled in? Have you found all the good places to get your groceries and more importantly your yarn???? xxx

  8. Beautiful, I love the Art Deco buildings. Imagine being able to restore some of those old beauties.

  9. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos of your current travels. I am eager to see how your new experiences influence your crafting.

  10. Such interesting places!! S happy to be catching up with you! xo Heather


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