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My Patterns elsewhere

I love to crochet and I create a lot of designs! Sometimes I submit them to crochet magazines or websites. 
Here they are listed so you can easily find them!

xxxxx Alessandra

Inside Crochet Magazine

IC issue 96 :

We love ... page 7

IC issue 100 :
Granny Bunting, pages 70-71

IC issue 101 :

Floral Brooches, page 84

IC issue 102 :

Geometric Star Mats, pages 84-86

IC issue 107 :

Christmas Baubles, pages 84-85

IC issue 108 :

Coppice Mitts, pages 66-67

IC issue 109 :

"Hello" Hanging, pages 84-87

IC issue 110 :

Harlequin Shawl, pages 62-64

IC issue 111 :

Tassel Necklace, page 51

IC issue 112 :

Raindrop Bag, pages 56-57

IC issue 115 :

Off-Beat Placemats, pages 74-75

Seventies Vibes Belt, pages 64-65

IC issue 116 : 

Luggage Tags & Charms, pages 86-88

IC issue 118 :

Foxidermy Scarf, pages 60-63

IC issue 119 :

Diamond Peter Pan Collar, pages 52-53

IC issue 121 :

Angles Cowl & Mitts, pages 56-58

IC issue 122 :

Flower Power Bag, page70-72

IC issue 124 :

Patchwork Blanket, pages 72-74

IC issue 126 :

Summer Days Bottle Holder, pages 76-77

IC issue 134 :

Round The Corner Baby Blanket, pages 89-93

IC issue 138 :

Stick of Rock Necklace, pages 76-77

IC issue 141 :

The Queen`s Gambit Shoulder Bag, pages 64-66

IC issue 143 :

The Huge Scarf, pages 58-60

IC issue 145 :

Spring is Back Bag, pages 76-78

Crochet Now Magazine 

CN issue 54 :

Diamonds are Forever Scarf, pages 72-74

CN issue 62 :

Twice as Nice Scarf, pages 72-74

CN issue 64 : 

Seeing Double Granny Shawls, pages 50-53

CN issue 76 :

Winter Wrap-Up Shawl, pages 14-15

Simply Crochet Magazine

SC issue 76 : 

Boo Cushion [Hook to Hook], pages 55-57

For Hobbycraft I designed two granny squares :

HobbyCraft Granny Square Month CAL 2019 (HERE) :

The Diamond Square, design 7

HobbyCraft Granny Square Month CAL 2020 (HERE) :

Square 23

At Cut Out + Keep Make and Share Craft Tutorials, you can find free tutorials :

5 Petals Knitted Flower (here)
How to Crochet an Oval Shape (here)
Beanie Ornament (here)
Granny Brooch (here)
How to Crochet a Basic Granny Triangle (here)
Stripy Beanie (here)
Knitted Bowl Tutorial (here)
Stripy Wrist Warmers (here)
A Sunny Key Ring Cosy (here)
She+He Gnomes (here)
I love U crochet bracelet (here)

At LoveCrafts, you can find a selection of my patterns for sale :

The Boho Vibes Placemats (here)

The Pick Nick Blanket (here)

Pixelated Christmas (here)

Vintage Christmas Baubles (here)

Snood Mood (here)

Foxidermy Scarf (here)

End of Summer Bag (here)

My Christmas Stockings Quintet (here)

Ghost Cat (here)

The Boo Pillow (here)

Handy Polka Dots Mitts (here)

Floppy Choco Bunny Softie (here)

The Choco Bunny Sleep Mask (here)

The Granny Bunting (here)

The Diamonds Cowl (here)

On Ravelry (here) you can find a listing of my patterns and the following :


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