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My name is Alessandra (you may use even Ale, if you prefer!) and I started this blog at the beggining of October 2011.
In my posts you'll find my creativity, my weekly strolls and something about my own family: my two boys, Matteo and Tobia, my husband Paolo and our cat Margot!
I post my own tutorials and some giveaways : I'm so excited  working on  all that!!!
I sincerely hope to please you with my work and my enthusiasm!
I would like you all to contact/write to me with any means : comments or emails are equally good for me!
I wish you can visit me each time you can!
Thank you all and enjoy my blog!

xxx Alessandra

P.S. : I would like to hear fom you! So please, write to me here !

More about myself : 

I was born in Firenze (Florence) on the 20th of May in 1967.  I'm Italian as my parents are Italian, too.
I started to travel very very young : only 10 months old, I left Italy with my twin sister and my mum to follow my dad in Canada (Calgary), because of his job.
We have been living in Calgary for 6 years. In the meanwhile, other 2 sisters joined the group!
After this location, we moved back to Italy (Milano), where I started the Primary School. 
In 1977, not yet 10 years old, we had to move again : this time Lybia (Tripoli), where we 4 attended an Italian school until Summer 1981.
Then,  I , my sisters and our mum went back to Italy, while our father continued to travel abroad for a long while.
In Milano, I completed my studies : high school and University, with a degree in geology.
During my studies, I was even working as a baby sitter or as a student giving lessons in maths and latin. Occasionally, I had even the opportunity to work in different trade fairs selling books and eastern crafts.
Just before my degree in Geology, I met Paolo, who became my husband on the 31st of May 1997.
I left Milano when I got married and with Paolo we moved in a little town called Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma).
There I worked even as a geologist, as a party organiser and for a little while as an assistant in a private nursery!
I become a mum for the first time at the end of February 1999 with the birth of Matteo and a second time with the birth of Tobia (beginning of September 2002) !!!
In August 2004,  all 4 of us left Italy (this time because of my husband job!) to go in Egypt. We have been living in Cairo for 6 years. In this time, both my kids started to attend a british international school.. while I rediscovered my craftiness, just collecting a pair of knitting needles!!!! Knitting , beading and working with felt became a very productive hobby, so I decided to attend different bazaars in Cairo, where to sell my stuff!! I had a lot of fun!!!
In July 2010 we left Cairo with some tears and we moved to Jakarta (Indonesia). In August 2014 we had a new big move : Maputo, Mozambique ! And here we are right now!!!!
In here I'll continue to craft and write on my blog ( started in October 2011). 

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