Saturday, 30 August 2014

This morning I woke up early !

…. just because I heard voices, coming up ( our bedroom is at the 6th floor!) from the road in front of our building….. No one was shouting and the cars were quiet ( no hands on the horns!), but in the silence of the early morning ( Saturday, a lot before 7am!), the voices of the passengers ( no one was hurt! phew!) from a stuck bus ( the road is under construction) were really clear….. sigh…..

….. luckily the bus was freed and the passengers were able to get back on it! What I really enjoyed of all that ? I was amazed by the colourful "capulanes" (the wraps that women put on their heads, around their hips or on their shoulders) : so eye-catching!!! ;oD
 xxxx Alessandra


  1. Hello Ale, I have been playing catchup again!
    Thanks for the tour around Maputo, you certainly have been busy getting out and about.
    I hope you have settled in nicely along with your boys.
    It was good no one was hurt in the bus incident and I too thought how colourful and interesting the women looked. Must be a little cool in the mornings?
    \Love from Oz,

    Claire xx

  2. Very special photo's again... I didn't realize you were that close to the sea!! xx

  3. My thoughts exactly! I just realize that the sea is across the road.
    Scenes like this make my skin crawl... Luckily no one's hurt!

  4. Those wraps are beautiful! Glad no one got hurt!
    Kate :}

  5. Hi there! I've just found your blog and will be following from now on! I'm a little further South from you (in South Africa) so we're almost neighbours!!! Hope your move went well.... x

    1. Hi Laura!!!! So we are "neighbours" !!!!! How funny!!! Well our move went fine, thank you ; right now we are waiting for our container to arrive in Maputo around the 25th of September…
      I hope this waiting time will pass soon : I need all my stuff to make this new house our new home!!!!! Have a good week, xxxxxx Ale

  6. Hi Alessandra - what a lot of drama so early on a Saturday morning! Glad no one was hurt though :) :) Must say I was a little distracted by the beautiful, colourful womens clothing - just stunning! Hope your belongings arrive soon - being 'in limbo' is a bit of a drag. I'll be back in crafty mode once my eldest is settled back at Uni this week - I've been crocheting like a mad woman, you'd be proud of me, haha!!
    Alison xx


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