Friday, 29 August 2014

Architectural walking tour : Art Deco in Maputo

Last week ( it was Wednesday morning), a friend of mine and I joined a walking tour ( Maputo a pe with Jane Flood) : the subject of the day was Art Deco in Maputo.
You can read a lot about this architectural style ( start here and if interested just google a bit more!) and our tour guide was so well informed, that was a pleasure to follow her! I was amazed by the amount of buildings to look at ( such a pity that a big lot are in critical conditions), but because of the nice chatting with Jane, I just took few pictures ( who, me??? Unbelievable!!!!) !!!
I've seen more than that, and I'll go back on my footsteps (I hope soon!) to report properly about this amazing architectural period!!!

xxxx Happy Weekend, Alessandra


  1. Hi Alessandra, more...more...more.... go back on yor footsteps:)) it,s interesting to see more. Byebye Francien

    1. Thank you Francien!!!! I'm preparing a plan and a map with all the addresses and buildings, that I want to look properly and with calm…..taking a lot of pics, this time!!!! ;oD
      Happy weekend, my dear! xxxxxx Ale

  2. How beautiful!
    We were in Miami once, this looks a lot like Ocean Drive.

    How lucky you are to live in a beautiful country once again!

    1. I never thought to make such comparison, but you are so right!!!!! ;oD
      thank you Brigitte and wishing you a lovely weekend, xxxxx Ale

  3. Ale who knew??? Who knew that Maputo would be the African Miami....I am gobsmacked!!!

  4. Thanks for the little art-deco tour! Love those windows!
    Kate :}

  5. This is just about my hubby's favourite architectural style, if he could live in an art deco house he would think he was in heaven! Glad that you enjoyed it. xx

  6. I love history and walking so for the two to be combined in a tour is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Too bad the buildings are deteriorating. Best wishes, Tammy


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