Friday, 5 July 2013

Something fresh from the hook !!!!

While in a bookstore, a couple of days ago, I found 4 (!!!!) books about crochet/knitting that came  home with me....what a happy day!!!!
From one of them...

(for the English version, you can have a look right HERE !)

.... I decided to try a few blocks, like...

and this one, too, ....

I didn't enjoy crocheting the clover , just because it required a lot of attention from me !!!!!
Not my kind of crochet !!!
The "granny dalia", instead, was a real pleasure!!! Granny always are !!!!

The flowery one, once completed, made me happy! Have a look...

I think I can enjoy it more without the last round/border, don't you think the same?

In my previous post, I showed you some safety pins....well, I bought some cotton yarn, too, the other day..., safety pins+cotton=....

.... and.....

The first one is made with fringes (love them! Remember these ???), while the second one has some crocheted chains!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. You are such an inspiration to me! I love that cotton yarn, next on my wish list I think! :) x

  2. I need to master crochet, such gorgeous makes x

  3. Preciosos!!!!
    Gràcies, Ale!

  4. All your crochet looks great and I love, love, love the safety pin with the fringes on it... so cute! xoxo

  5. Ciao Ale, sempre in fermdento!Bella la piastrella con il fiore, e anche la scelta dei cotoni, sono curiosa disapere che cosa ne farai!Io per il mimento mi sono persa un pò,effetto dell'estate, ma ci voleva !

  6. Hi Ale,
    i lovelovelove the pins with the fringes. Is there any way to buy it from you? I could make it my own, but no, i want to have mail from you♥, i want to have the original: from you♥♥♥, from around the world♥♥♥ Do you understand and feel what i mean?! I´m sure... ;o)
    XXO, Martina♥

  7. Such beautiful bright colours. It occurred to me reading this that the colours we love truly reflect the climate we're bred and live in ... not a new idea I know but this post really brought it home to me :)

  8. Looks like a great book!! Lovely cotton yarn !! Those safety pins look very cute and colorful:)

  9. Popped in for Creative Friday, but can't find your Friday post, tried to find the button for older posts, but can't find it either? Squares are always nice, but I don't enjoy working with cotton, bothers my hands.

  10. Hi Ale,
    Love your pictures and creations! Hope you have a fab holiday!!

  11. Isn't making motifs from a new book the best?!
    Kate :}

  12. Love your motifs and your safety pin creations are adorable - glad you are back x

  13. Hi, Alessandra! Love love LOVE the fringed saftey pins! A simply gorgeous little idea!

  14. Hi Ale,

    You've been busy once again.
    Nice going.

    What you did with the pins, I DO have to remember for later. So pretty!

    Was the book in Italian? And can you read the language?

  15. fabulous idea with the big safety pins, and perfect for pinning a crocheted shawl! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  16. Super, super!! L♥ve the little pins, cute & so colorful!! Great idea :-))


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