Monday, 1 July 2013

CIAO !!!

Hi my dears !!!!
Today is one week that I'm in Italy (Matteo and Tobia are here, too!) !!!
Did you notice my absence???? ;oD
Maybe yes, maybe not, but I have to say that I've missed this space a lot!!!!
After one week trying to fix the jet lag and putting some order in our home, I'm ready to be back and ....CRAFTY!!!!
Infact, this morning I went in the nearest haberdashery to buy some yarn (acrylic, two balls for each colour!) and a couple of hooks...

and these ones, too....

in other shops I found even other little things to play with....

and in the meantime, my sister in law gifted me a new crochet book.....
I think I have a lot to be busy with!!! ;oD
No worries : places to visit are on the "to do list", too !!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Glad you're back, yes I missed you.....lovely colours! :) x

  2. Hi Ale. I've been on vacation myself, so I haven't been in the blog world. Love the new yarn and accessories that you bought. Have a great day. :)

  3. Italy, beautiful Italy ... I hope that travel has been so good!
    With this yarn I'm sure you return to create beautiful things!
    Come on!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time and look at all that pretty yarn!! Have fun!! xo Heather

  5. You certainly do have a lot to play with... Any specific ideas for the yarn?

  6. Ooooo love the yarn colors!! And welcome back!!
    Kate :}

  7. Che bello averti in Italia!Anche io compro quella lana , la stò usando proprio adesso per il cuscino granny.Quello che non riesco a trovare è il cotone grande per i progetti più belli, perciò, se mentre sei nel vecchio continente trovi un sito che lo vende, mi raccomando, segnalalo anche a me .
    Dimenticavo, se passate dalla Sicilia chiamami,soffro di solitudine!
    Buone vacanze e a presto

  8. Lovely colorful yarn !! Yes, I missed your posts. Waiting to see what you make with your stash !

  9. Welcome back!

    I love the new yarn colors! Will you work on anyhting special?

  10. yes, i noticed it. but sometimes it´s good to have the "off" for some new energy.
    xo, martina♥

  11. okay, now you've got the important stuff, have some fun!! Heather x

  12. I DID miss you.
    Great to have you back.

    where have you been in Italy?

  13. welcome back....can't wait to see what you will do with the new yarn and hooks??
    d x

  14. Yes, your absence was noted!!
    hOpe you are having a wonderful time back home. A new crochet book, lovely. Have fun with all that yarn.

    Claire x

  15. Hi Ale, I'm happy that you had a nice time in Italy!! I'm not away but also had less time for blogland lately so I have a lot to catch up ;-). Looks like you've made a great purchase, enjoy!!


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