Friday, 19 July 2013

.....just adding some more colours....

.....what to say? During the summer holidays the usual life is a little bit different than the normal one...
The everyday rhythm is organised in a different way, even because your own kids are at home 24/7....
So your "me time" has to embrace more "their time" and the days are more like "our days" than "my days" and "their days"! I know that this condition is the same for all the families around the world when schools are closed for the summer holidays!
I don't complain about that, not at all ( I love to have my boys around and to chit chat with them!), but when in Italy I'm not going in any hotel or similar accommodation , infact I'm going back to my home, so....I have everyday chores to fulfil.....I'm not on holiday, at least not in the complete meaning of the word as we know it!!!
So, my crafty rhythm is slower than usual, but I try to have some time to enjoy my yarns...

....and little by little the 'thing" is growing and becoming more colourful, the way I like it....

....I think that the "thing" will become a little blanket for a crib or a pram...I'll discover it when completed with the border, so I'll be able to check the actual dimensions of this little blanket!!!
I'll keep you updated, as usual, but with a summery slowness....!!!! ;oD
Consider myself as a "crafty sloth"!!!!!!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Just love your colorful yarn collection!!

  2. Nice trolley, I saw it a few days ago when I visited the Ikea.
    I love the colors from your blanket (or what it will become), grey with colors.
    Here the same with my girls, nice sunny days here!

  3. Good to see you well coming home. I have an eye on your trolley... and on the pattern in pink and green with the hearts ;o))
    Slow is always a good way in summer.
    XXO, Martina♥

  4. Hi there

    I know exactly how you feel and as you say our routine so changed during the school holidays. At least I get to see my grand-daughter more.

    The "thing" ....the very colourful adorable "thing" is certainly growing fast.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Lovely yarn !! Waiting to see what the 'thing' is going to be.
    Take your time and enjoy with your family:)

  6. It's lovely and colourful so far :)

  7. very pretty. I love the color choices

  8. OH I like how the grey sets off the colors, you have given me an idea! I usually use white or black to set off the colors...but not grey...Im going to check my stash right now for some grey.

    Enjoy the Boys.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

    Peeking in on Everyone on Friday

  9. I think your going to need a bigger trolley!! it's looking great though, very useful. enjoy the summer, Heather x

  10. This is a bit confusing to me (perhaps the language barrier?). Are you in Italy at this moment?
    And do you take your yarn and your TROLLEY all the way from Indonesia?

    If the answer is YES. Then, HOW do you do it? And more important: what does your partner think about this?

  11. The grey is balancing this so beautifully ... whatever it eventually becomes it will be lovely :D

  12. I just love all those colors against the grey!! It's going to look so fabulous when it's done!!!
    Kate :}

  13. Oh the blanket will become beautiful, Ale!! And the trolley is great, super color and looks so nice with all the colorful skeins in it ♥

  14. Yummy yarn stash! And I love your new banner! The banner itself tells that its Ale's blog. :)


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