Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pattern tester, why not?

As you know, I really like to write my own patterns and to publish photo tutorials ...
Very often it is a time consuming kind of task and the amount of work is huge, even when the item the pattern is written for is not that big...
I know that many crafters had a go with my patterns and surprisingly there have not been complains about problems in understanding my words or crochet passages... phew!!!

I love to try patterns written by other crafters, too. I like it especially to be aware that there are different ways to explain a work, different styles, different range of difficulties and new things to learn ... always something new to learn!!!! A pattern written by another person gives you new challenges and pushes your curiosity to new levels, right? I love all that, I really do!!

So, I was really excited to join a selected group of crocheters (Nicole @tangleandstitch , Janet @janetleigh37 , Conny @frogs_crochet ,  Heather @hgdesignscrochet , Julie @meiguidesigns  and Jenna @quirky_crochet : all these addresses are of their Instagram profiles!)  to test a pattern for sale, written by Miki the colourful hostess of Set Free My Gypsy Soul blog (her Instagram profile : HERE ) : the QUEEN G FRINGE BAG now in her Etsy shop !!!!

What I really liked of this pattern were essentially the followings :

the freedom to choose the yarn weight and the kind of fibre
the freedom to adapt and develop the pattern as you prefer
the variety of stitches to keep you interested
the fringes!!!


This bag was a quick make and in few days it was ready to be shown to the rest of the world ...


The "big" differences between my bag and the one in the pattern are just a few :

I didn't knot the same amount of fringes as Miki did, simply because I'm so worried to ruin them!!!
I didn't sew the triangles, but crocheted them along the bag sides
the handle of my bag has some colourful picots!

The only part I didn't like about being a "pattern tester" was the moment when you sit down and write what was good or not so good of the pattern you've tested....

I don't want to offend anyone and I try to put down my impressions in a proper way, with no misunderstanding or else....sometimes I find so hard not to write down in my own mother tongue...

Anyway, it seems I passed the test, as Miki and I are still friends!!! ;of

xxxx Alessandra



  1. Wow! So lovely to see your beautiful Queen G bag again lovely and to see it in construction like this. And always friends awesome lady... your feedback was wonderful and I love that you personalised it with your gorgeous style that you know I love so much.

    Big love

    M x x x

    1. Always a pleasure to meet you: a lot of compliments all the times!!! Hooray!!!
      🤗😚🤗😚🤗 Ale

  2. Nice to read about this! And ofcourse you're still friends with Miki, haha. I can't imagine you being offensive or something.
    I like the pattern too, it seems so cheerful on your pictures!
    And the cat has approved your yarn choice so it's a great success :-)
    Have a nice day,

    1. thank you for your kind words, Sigrid!!!
      have a lovely week, xxxx Ale

  3. Wow love the bag ik want to crochet it too.

    1. Oh Chris, I think this pattern is so good for you!!!!
      happy week, xxxx Ale

  4. If anyone can figure out a pattern, I know you can. And if not, then you will certainly put your own twist on it to make it work. The bag is gorgeous!

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