Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pattern tester : Geoffrey Scarf By Emma @Potter&Bloom

Last week was the turn of Geoffrey !!!!

The pattern is written by Emma (we know each other since our beginnings in Blogland!!!), the witty and brilliant crochet designer of Potter&Bloom !!!

A group of testers was selected by Emma trough her Ravelry group : potter & bloom podcast .

You can have a look at the other testers' scarves on their blogs (as for Rosina's , the hostess of Zeens and Roger ) or through their Instagram feeds ( zeensandroger and plutofigaro). Hope I'm not missing anyone!!

Emma showed a lot of pictures of Geoffrey on her Instagram feed, too (potterandbloom ), on her blog ( Potter & Bloom ) where she writes that the pattern will be available soon for sale, and on her YouTube Chanel ( PODCAST EPISODE 10 ), where my work was mentioned (!!!) . Emma was positively impressed on how I "reinvented" her pattern playing with a lot of colours ... she said that I'm so "creative" and I'm still blushing thinking at it!!! Thank you, Emma !!! <3

Let's talk about the pattern !!!!

I started with the motifs, but this was not the easiest part, as this bit was wrong....
I was so embarassed.... I thought I was not able to understand the words written by Emma and I didn't dare to ask her... but I was not able to go on.. so I decided to ask her to send me pictures of the motifs, if she had some ... and , phew, she was replying with apologies and pictures, because the motif pattern was wrong..... I started to breathe again .... so the motifs were done in a flash, then !!!

My 3 motifs are joined together while crocheting them !!!

After this start, the pattern was easy-peasy to follow and I made the first piece of the scarf with the following selection of colours (from bottom to top) and a 4mm hook :

Filatura di Crosa ZARA shade Aqua 1924
Pure Gold DK shade CHILLI 083
Pure Gold DK shade PHLOX 207
Pure Gold DK shade HONEY 202

the pompoms were added when the scarf was completed ( Pure Gold DK shade SALMON 205 ) and the main colour is : Patons Fab DK shade PETROL 02342 .

I worked a total of 66 rows with the main colour.

The other side of the scarf, instead, has the following list of colours :

Pure Gold DK shade CLOVER 208
Pure Gold DK shade SALMON 205
Pure Gold DK shade BLOSSOM 206
Pure Gold DK shade AZZURE 059

The main colour, this time, were 2 : Pure Gold DK shade CHILI 083 ( 38 rows) and Pure Gold DK shade PHLOX 207 ( 28 rows ) !!! The pompoms (added at the end) are crocheted with Pure Gold DK shade HONEY 202 .

The motifs ( 1 diamond and 2 triangles) were joined usin the join-as-you-go method to the main pieces of the scarf!!

The colours are still from the Pure Gold DK acrylics (blossom, clover and honey) plus (diamond's centre) : Pure Gold DK shade MIDNIGHT 005 .

This scarf was a quick make and I love how colourful it turned out!!!! ;oD

My version is 196 cm long and 17 cm wide !!!

Hope you can crochet yours very soon !!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


  1. What wonderful colour combinations, job well done :)

  2. oh! horror Ales I just realised you were not on my favourites blog list! I have you back there now ....blogger has been really tiresome of late losing my blog list completely several times and I have had to put it back up...tch!!!! very annoying!
    Its great to be able to read your posts once again. The scarves gorgeous of course and with your usual affinity to wonderful combination of colours.

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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