Friday, 25 April 2014

This morning in my mailbox ...

…. I found the parcel sent by Alison (from the far Hebrides !!!), the lovely and witty hostess of Tweed Thoughts … !!!!!

She organised a giveaway on her blog on the 8th of April and informed me that I was the winner few days later!!!!! ;oD

These are the goodies that I won …. !!!!!!! …….. !!!!!!!! …….

  • her first Tweedie Egg, with a big sentimental value and handmade with lot of love !!!!
  • a lovely "cottage keychain", cute and useful!!!
  • a trio of covered buttons : these are really amazing !!!!!
  • an original tweedie egg card ( with its own envelope) : I was really spoiled !!!!!!
Then the nice touch of adding a handwritten note and a couple of pages from the local gazette !!!!!

Alison you made my day and I'm so happy of all the presents you gave me !!! The egg is so squishy : I love it in my hands!!!!

I think it may be so kind if  you have a look at Alison's shops : here (Big Cartel) and here (Etsy) !! You'll find a lot of tweedy goodies !!!!! Thank you !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. In Dutch we say: je boft maar! (spoiled)

  2. It's looks it is almost your birthday, all these presents! Enjoy these gifts, byebye Francien

  3. Nice giveaway gifts Ale - congrats on your win. :)

  4. Congratulations! A super gift!

  5. Well done Alessandra what gorgeous prizes you have won. I have visited the Hebrides many times and enjoyed it so much so your post brought back many happy memories for me. Have a wonderful weekend Alessandra, sending you big hugs and loves


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