Monday, 30 July 2012

Us 3 away for a whole week!!!!

Oh yes!!! I and the boys have been traveling since Friday the 20th....!!!
First, we reached the north of France (driving my own car for 12 hours....!!!!), Nevoy (between Orleans   and Gien), because a friend of mine (Suzanna) hosted a Fado concert for some friends.....
I'll show you something about this lovely weekend in the French countryside.....!!!!

we passed through the Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) tunnel!

Saturday morning in Nevoy....

At Suzanna's mansion for the Fado (traditional portoguese music) concert in the late afternoon...

Alexandra and Suzanna

After this relaxing weekend, the next Sunday morning we jumped back in the car to go back to Italy!
We reached the region named Liguria, where my parents own a house on the hills with a great view on the Tirrenian sea! Here I'll show you some pics from their garden...

.....but the sweetest of all is the following one....

...well, I think so!!!!

See you soon, xxxxx

P.S. : sorry for not informing you all about this absence, but, honestly, I've travelled with my laptop, but both in the Nevoy B&B and my parents' home there was no wi-fi connection....!!!!
Soon, I'll show you my last crafts!!!


  1. Ciao, Alessandra! Come sono belle le tue foto di Francia e dell gardino dei tuoi genitori, ma la mia foto preferita sara l'ultima :o)
    Buona notte

  2. Mountains, fields, hay bundles and flowers - my perfect break - it all looks so lovely.

    Nina x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time, and the weather was kind.arent sleeping children beautiful?


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