Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My new sweater : "Love is in the air" !!!

Hi !!!

It has been a little while since my last visit, but I'm still here : no worries ! ;oD

I've been busy working on my last project : a new sweater !

After my My mega granny square jumper, I was tempted to crochet a raglan sweater...

I made some research on Pinterest and via YouTube. Eventually I was lucky enough to find a nice pattern on one book in my bookcase : Easy Crochet Country 30 projects to make for your home and to wear (Consultant : Nikki Trench) .

The pattern chosen was : "Sweater with patterned sleeves" on pages 104-107.

Well, I didn't follow the pattern properly... I've noticed that the conversion from cm to inches was wrong... so how could you trust the sizes???? I took my personal measurements and I crocheted more chains in the foundation chain to have a more cosy sweater, just a little bit oversized !

But I added more differences from the original pattern : the hem is not joined at the sides, so to have a couple of mini slits : the sweater body is joined with the as you go method (do you wanna know how ? Feel free to have a look HERE); no neckband for me : a simple boat neck did the job properly and yes, the sleeves are patterned, but only 3/4 long and with a different design, inspired by this one :

I did use a 4mm hook and the following yarns :

back : AK-Soft by Kartopu shade 634 (2 balls)
front : AK- Soft by Kartopu shade 657 (2 balls)
sleeves : Lauri Neulelanka shade aqua (2 balls)
sleeves cuffs : Elle Pure Gold DK  shade honey (small amount)

The crocheting of the sweater went on smoothly, but it took some time because of the novelty and because of a certain amount of trials, errors and "try it on".... several times!!!

Once, even the front was done, I started to crochet the sleeves ....

I found an useful video on YouTube showing how to attach sleeves along the sweater body (HERE) and very soon I had a basic crocheted raglan sweater ....

... do you think this was enough for my taste ??? Honestly, NO !!! ;oD

I decided to add a couple of colourful appliques on it !!!!

I decided to use one of the people from my little crowd (do you remember HER ?) and a Sunburst Granny Heart (pattern from Bunny Mummy HERE) ....

But the sweater was not completed, yet !!!

I decided to add some yellow cuffs at the end of the sleeves ....

.... and as my son Matteo was nearby, I took the opportunity to model on my new sweater ....

.... and I decided to add extra rows (just 3) at the top of the sleeves to reduce the boat neck ....

... and I chose to adorn the neck line with a round of slip stitches ....

Job done !!!!

... not bad, right ?? ;oD

xxxx, Alessandra


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