Thursday, 15 September 2016

I'm back!!!

Hi my dear friends... are you still there??? I really hope so!!! ;oD

It has been a while, since my last post, last June...

Well, apart the usual difficulties with internet, I decided even to have a break from my blog, as less people read it.... maybe we are all more obsessed with Instagram, right now ... honestly I think so!

Anyway, I'm here to give you just an information or big news!!

Yesterday I put my first booklet for sale on RAVELRY !!!!

You have to find me, as homemadeatmyplace and then click on my featured designs and look for Designs with Diamonds .... and voila', my first pattern for sale is there!!!!!

I was working all the last summer on it!!!

Diamonds are my obsession, lately (at least the crocheted ones!!!) and I wanted to find the easiest way to join them together with the join-as-you-go method ... I think I did it!!!

This work is not for beginners, but is addressed to crocheters with an intermediate level of experience with crochet. The stitched used are simple (double crochet, single crochet and 2DCtog / US terms), but there are no charts or a proper photo tutorial for each step: you have to be a confident reader of written patterns .

You are mostly going to crochet samples of different patterns and motifs and when you will confident with the new technique, well everything will be possible !!!

I came out with some simple motifs, as





.... and more designs ...





Now, my question is : DO YOU WANNA TRY THEM?????

Let me know, xxxx Alessandra


  1. Welcome back!
    I am back as well.
    Seems we both made a tutorial.
    Kindred souls?

  2. My goodness, you have put so much work in it!! I agree on the blogging, i am also much more on instagram now I'm afraid... I definately want to try those pretty diamonds! Only at the moment my head is full with lots if other stuff.... Xxxxx

    1. No worries, Mirjam!!!
      I don't know if anyone is intetested in diamonds....I cross my fingers!!!!
      Have a good day, xxxx Ale

  3. I changed a little thing in my blog.
    Could you please check whether the robot is still there, asking a stupid question?

  4. What a lovely pattern! I'll be checking it out as I've never tried to crochet a diamond pattern. I must say, I'm so loving the "star"! And the chevron. Congrats on Ravelry.

  5. Looks brilliant, Ale!

    But hope to see you here more ;-)

    1. Thank you, Stel!!!
      I'm missing a lot not to be here, too, because this is my "real" place, but internet disagrees with me!!! ;oD
      xxxx Ale

  6. Hello Ale, great to have you back!! Congrats on your first vending pattern & good luck. The diamonds are really pretty. About Instagram, I'm still not taken with it and probably never will be, I still prefer the good old blogging. But I have you in my Inoreader list so I will see when you have something new around here ;-). Have a happy day! Nata xxx

  7. Congrats, Ale!! The pattern looks lovely:)

  8. You are so creative and truly are a natural when it comes to crochet. Congrats on the pattern.


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