Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beauty is where you find it : February 2015, ESCAPE DAILY ROUTINE !

Saturday 14 February we decided to have a day out at Macaneta (our beach gateway!) and I decided to take some random pictures ( on the ferry to the beach ) with my smartphone, without thinking about the composition of each photo… I was just clicking and clicking !!!!

Maybe some good shoot was taken (even a silly one with me in a hat and a stamp of Matteo…. how it happened is still a mystery to me !!!!) ….

You can find more beautiful pictures over HERE, at luzia pimpinella !!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


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  2. Pictures came out really well.Hope you had lots of fun.Alessandra

    1. Oh yes, it has been a beautiful day!!!! ;oD
      thank you Rosezeeta, xxxx Ale

  3. I think it was a good day out, and a stamp on your hat, lol....! It looks good, byebye Francien

  4. Sometimes it's thise impromto shots that mean the most, just love those flowers on your previous post! :) xxx

  5. These are the sorts of pictures that bring back great memories in years to come! xx

  6. I only ever use my phone for pictures now unless I want to zoom in something. So much easier than lugging a big camera around.

  7. great hat! i also managed to get that little stamp this morning, I am such a newbie with my phone! X

  8. Bella gita , bel cappello ! Ti abbraccio Ale , sei fortunata ad avere un territorio selvaggio da esplorare ; )

  9. Fun! I too love to use my smartphone when I don't want to carry around my camera!
    Kate :}


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